How And Where To Buy The New Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White

SneakerCreps Rating: 5/5

Price: £150

Release Date: April 29th 2017 @ 9am GMT

Reservation Date: April 26th 2017 via Adidas Confirmed App

The third Yeezy of 2017 is releasing in an all-white fashion, just in time for Summer! The simplistic colourway releases at stock levels greater than the last Yeezy Zebra release, with 110,000-120,000 pairs worldwide and around 35,000 pairs on the Adidas website (EU and US). An all white upper consists of a soft Primeknit material – allowing for adjustability in case you get the wrong size by a half up or down. This all rests on a translucent white, world-renowned Boost Yeezy midsole allowing for ultimate comfort in every stride. Unlike the previous releases, the new Yeezy does not read ‘SPLY-350’ across the sidewall, yet it still turns heads with its sleek, light aesthetic.

To sign up for Yeezy updates and for info on where the official stores are located, click here.

More colourways are expected over the following months with the ‘Dark Green’ version releasing in June. Rather than a Yeezy season, the sneaker is expected to launch more frequently throughout the entire year – making it easier for you to cop.

Where Can You Buy a Pair?

Like all Yeezy Boost releases, an instant sell-out is guaranteed and luck plays a large role if you’re trying to cop. Pairs are released at around 9am on Saturday 29th April at official Adidas stores worldwide and you can expect queues going down several blocks. To find your closest Yeezy store click here.

Pairs will also be available on the Adidas website here. You can expect it to go live at around 9am on Saturday 29th April. The other website selling them for retail is the official Yeezy Supply website. However, the stock goes live at a random time on release day and so you need to be vigilant at all times for the drop.

Perhaps the most popular method of copping Yeezys is to download the Adidas Confirmed App. You must sign up to register and then quickly try to reserve your pair for pick-up on Wednesday 26th April at 3pm GMT. Scroll down for tips and tricks to increase the chances of reserving a pair via the app.

Finally, you can enter giveaways on social media such as Instagram or enter online raffles as listed below (scroll down). Enter these to boost your chances and increase the chance of copping the new Yeezys.

Boosting Your Chances

Using the Adidas Confirmed App:

  • During the last minute, close all other apps apart from Confirmed
  • During the last minute, turn on and off Airplane mode and connect to the fastest wifi accessible
  • During the last 30 seconds, close the app and reopen it to make sure your counter isn’t lagging
  • You need to press the reserve button in less than 1 second
  • Use the simulator app to practise tapping fast and for more tips and tricks: Confirmed L

Free Online Raffles:

Instagram Raffles:

Be sure to check out more of the latest sneaker releases on our website and follow us on Instagram @sneakercreps!


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